BD Manager (tech retail and leisure OR Real Estate)

Tuesday 13 Feb 2024

Ref: 969

BD and Marketing Manager

Kent or London location

First time Manager position either sporting the Real Estate or a new Technology lawyer

Competitive Salary


This is a great first time BD and Marketing Manager position as you will have the opportunity to join a reputable law firm with a lot of history. They are open to all professional services backgrounds and looking for a senior executive to step up or experienced manager looking to work closely with a smaller Partner group.

They have two opportunities one in their Real Estate team and the other to work with a new Partner in the tech space.

You can be based in either Kent or London office or both if this works for you!

Why join this firm?


  1. Reputation and Heritage: They have a long history, with roots dating back over 150 years. This heritage can signify stability, experience, and a deep understanding of the legal landscape.
  2. Full-Service Capability: Known as a full-service law firm, offering a comprehensive range of legal services. This can be appealing to clients looking for a one-stop solution to address various legal needs, from corporate matters to private client services.
  3. Innovation and Technology: They showcase their commitment to innovation and the use of technology to enhance the delivery of legal services. This can include advanced tools, efficient processes, and a forward-looking approach to legal practice.
  4. Regional Presence: This can be advantageous for clients seeking legal support in specific geographic areas. A strong regional presence can provide insights into local regulations and business environments.
  5. Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: A diverse team brings a variety of perspectives and contribute to a more inclusive and dynamic work environment.
  6. Community Engagement: They are very involved in community and social responsibility initiatives, such as pro bono work, charitable contributions, and involvement in local community projects.